IS technology Inc. is a embedded vision specialist, providing you with a simple yet precise driver state monitoring (DSM) solution

Safety begins
From Driver Monitoring

Are you awake?

Millions of accidents occur on the road every year, and almost all of them are caused by fatigue and other distractions. Drivers are 23 times more prone to accidents when distracted, and the accidents happened while distracted are twice more lethal. Driver Status Monitoring devices can minimize and mitigate a potentially unrecoverable risk on road safety by helping drivers to concentrate on driving.

  • Accidents occur due to distraction and drowsiness

  • Fatalities
    when distracted

  • Of deaths are caused
    by distraction

  • 4 out of 10 drivers experienced drowsy driving

DSM Product

You watch out, we watch inside

Our DSM is a robust Human Machine Interface, understanding driver's alertness with a combination of a special camera and a big training database, facing the driver from the cockpit. Regardless of environmental conditions, the device will continue to check you are okay.

  • Robust to

  • Precise,
    real-time logics

  • Single camera
    3D analysis

  • Ready for
    various types of vehicles

DSM System

Promised safety

It isn't always about checking the surroundings. Autonomous driving systems expect drivers to standby for control authority handover from autonomous mode, and you need to be there when the car needs to make better decisions with you. Our DSM is compliant to automotive standards, enabling it to seamlessly join as a part of an autonomous driving system, safely fulfilling its duty.